No matter what business you’re in, positive social proof is a REALLY important tool you should be using. What exactly is “social proof”? It’s a psychological phenomenon of people’s perception of something being affected by what OTHER people think or say about something.  It’s similar to the effect when someone (or for our purposes, a business) name drops a Today Show or national TV news program appearance.

People are more informed than ever, yet – they are still very positively inclined to trust and make purchases from companies that have positive social proof like effusive testimonials – as well as larger numbers of fans, Likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

While many companies have grown their sales through old fashioned word-of-mouth, you can’t argue with the sheer numbers of people who are chatting, sharing and researching purchases through opinion asks on social channels every day. Timely and value-driven activity on Facebook and Twitter get new eyeballs on your business.

Social proof is one major way to boost your email lead acquisitions. And subsequent email nurture tracks – as well as segmented content, offers, tips and news – drives solid increases in sales.
– John Geantasio, Co-founder, JTW Media Group

For best results, craft your posts and shares like a helpful, one-to-one conversation with an expert (YOU!) Be funny when possible, authentically human always, and don’t talk endlessly about what you’re selling.

Two great articles from Kissmetric’s blog include this one – Displaying Social Proof – What Marketing Experts Use and 7 Things You Must Understand When Leveraging Social Proof in Your Marketing Efforts. A really great podcast on How to Launch a Product with Facebook Ads – which also addresses the importance of establishing social proof and subsequent sales-churning email marketing tactics – listen to @DigitalMktr’s podcast here.


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