How to Turn Clicks into Cash

Snappy subject lines will fall flat if your content isn’t good. But what’s good? There are many factors, but much of what makes one email a rip roaring success and others not so, depends on what you share with your audience.

How can your content fulfill your main objective – getting your cash register singing!
To increase your results, think about what your goals are for each email campaign. Who is your audience? What is valuable to them? Think about your business services, products and revenue cycles. What news is relevant to your top prospects and when? How can you keep your clients engaged? We can write a whole book on the psychology of connecting, but for now, think about segmenting your prospect pool by age groups, geographic location and/or potential product or service interests.

Email marketing content ideas
Seasonal activities, and traditional and non-traditional holidays can all help to shape your content. And while we are huge fans of focusing on value versus price, there’s no denying that specials, discounts, limited time offers and contests work too!

And don’t’ forget the popularity of cute pet videos, restaurant and travel tips and recipes – some of these tools are used very successfully by a range of companies, because human interest content that’s fun, informative, interesting, etc. gets your name in front of your clients, shows your brand’s personality AND can get kick-ass results.

Successful digital marketers know the importance of segmenting their content by markets as needed – targeted offers, tips and news to different kinds of buyers yield better results.Once you identify key demographic intel, you can create information and offers that are meaningful to each segment.

OK, now for some specific examples.

If you have a pet grooming business that also offers pet lodging,  share different tips with small and large breed owners. Summer pet care tips, homemade pet treat recipes, fun / new pet accessories, industry recall news and pet lodging specials would be of interest to almost all your clients and prospects.

Awesome visuals with limited headlines, like: NEW Arrivals, SALE, Fashion Forward, etc., works well for clothing, jewelry, housewares, landscaping and staging firms, and gift shops too.

Many of our restaurant clients use one or two food pictures, interior crowd shots or holiday art/ word swag to advertise new menu items, holiday menus, catering options, upcoming special events and entertainment, etc.

Amazingly – plain text emails STILL rock open rates and results, if they have great content.

A caveat: if you’re not a natural writer or email content expert, read more articles like this. Write in your brand’s voice, and try to have a friendly and helpful tone. Read your posts out loud before you publish them. It’s easier to hear whether you have the right approach that way. And if you’ve tried email marketing but are still struggling to get great content to your readers – hire a professional writer.

Don’t miss out!
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So – whether you have a restaurant, nail salon, Pilates studio, spa, home renovation or marketing consulting business, one of your top marketing objectives is to grow your email list AND convert those readers into repeat customers with killer, kick-ass content that converts.

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