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Our Complete Email Marketing Services rock, but you may have
a few questions about how we work, what’s included, etc.

Check out our FAQ’s below first. We’re eager to answer any other questions
you might have, so give us a shout anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Starter Contract Term?

We offer introductory 2 Month Programs for every Complete Email Marketing Campaign level, which includes our Expert Strategy Phone Consultation, email marketing tips, setting up your account, access to several standard layout options (choices depend on which package you choose), access to a intro choice of branded Email Sign up card layouts AND formatting and sending out your e-newsletters for 2 months. After 2 months you'll have enough of a track record to review your list growth, compare open and offer performance, and your results. At that time you can upgrade to a longer program or opt out of your JTW Complete Email Marketing Program.

Our goal is to help you transform your digital business communications and your results. If you are not thrilled with the service or are not enjoying the experience of having us manage your email marketing campaigns, we'll part as friends and wish you much success in your business.

Can I submit my own copy?

Yes, many of our clients use their own content, but if they need help, we provide can content. We will also make Subject line, news, and special offer suggestions based on best practices and successes we've achieved in other campaigns. Our goal is to help you get better open rates, clicks, conversions and sales.

What are Email Templates?

JTW Media Group has put together different email newsletter layouts (or Templates) for a variety of market-specific uses. Some layouts are AWESOME for special offers. Some feature coupons with your logo and a client-supplied picture, others are plain text.

Some templates are picture heavy with several news items and headlines, event news, special Holiday menus, or seasonal tips - others have snappy headlines above editorial intro's with "Read more" text that's hyperlinked back to a special landing page on your website, or a blog post of your choice. Our Optimal and Amp Up Email Marketing Programs include access to an expanded array of engaging templates.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to an advanced Email Marketing Program at any time after signing up. Just give us a shout at 877-694-3833 or email us at upgrade@jtwmediagroup.com and we'll get your upgrade set up promptly.

How do I get an Email Sign up Capture Box?

Cash Register Capture Boxes (ECRB) work! Sometime people are pre-occupied in your restaurant, floral shop, automotive store or nail salon. They may have good intentions but lose the sign up card that's been handed to them with their bill. That's why we developed our Cash Register Card Capture Boxes, that come with a programmable digital sign.

ECRB's are FREE with any 12 month Optimal or Amp up Program purchase, and can be purchased for a minimal charge with any 6 month package. Email info@jtwmediagroup.com for more details.