Last week we participated in the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce’s first Social Media Day as the Lunch Sponsor, and enjoyed networking with many different business owners, marketers, sales and PR folks. The agenda was ambitious – there were 15 speakers, 30 breakout sessions, 3 keynotes and a business owner panel. We popped into as many sessions as we could, and will share some terrific tips in upcoming blog posts.

For now, here are some great takeaways from a few of the presenters, that can help you use and leverage social media to grow your business…

Social Media is not a choice. If you want to expand your reach, adopt social media because it’s a strong, powerful and very effective marketing channel.
Yasmin Bendror, Lunchtime Keynote and Breakout Session Presenter

Unless you publish content regularly, it will be tough to gain traction online.
Anthony Fasano

Consistent, fun, engaging and informative videos will increase business.
Risa Hoag

Avoid assuming you know the keywords your prospects and leads are using. Leverage keyword search tools to help you build a solid search engine optimization plan.
Becky Livingston

On Instagram and everywhere – create a consistent brand so that your followers can recognize your photos as they scroll through their feed, and use FB groups to create long-term relationships with your ideal clients.
Nicole Liloia

Social Media can be overwhelming. When you feel the need to “keep up” slow down and remember: when it comes to creative content focus on QUALITY vs quantity.
Steffen Kaplan

It’s the return on relationships that matters!
Jade Gunver, Emcee & Ted Rubin follower

Local businesses can use social media to compete with big brands. Top of mind campaigns are effective, and with free tools, you can compete and stay in business.
Karen Yankovich, Opening Keynote & Breakout Session Presenter

Social media MUST be an integral part of everyone’s marketing toolkit, whether you’re an entrepreneur with a startup regional business, an author, landscaping contractor, a local pizzeria or nail salon owner, a consultant, a career track professional, C Suiter in a national or international firm or a CEO of an established business.

That’s because strategic self-authored content placed on social media platforms – including blogging and email marketing – are smart (and affordable) positioning, inbound lead and nurturing tools. By leveraging these tools, you’re making sure you are where you’re expected to be, establishing your expertise and creating awesome GOOGLE juice around your name and/or the name of your business.

JTW Media Group provides sales-churning email marketing programs for restaurants, pubs and gourmet food purveyors, service and retail firms and health & wellness enterprises. Our affordable email services include: strategic advice, professional email sign up card options, easy online data collection choices, including links and embed codes for your website; and layout and distribution of client-supplied content on a range of news and special offer templates.

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