We live in exciting times. Solopreneurs and small –mid sized businesses alike, can market like the big brands using a variety of inexpensive online tools, including a website, social channels and email marketing.

Content – and being valuable – is the name of the game. Pushy, in-your-face “screaming” about what you sell through various digital channels, is out.

Great subject lines start the interaction chain.

Simple, unique, quirky, funny, there are many ways to grab someone’s attention enough, to make ‘em “click” to read more.

The best subject lines yield awesome open rates and results. The following come from some of our clients and colleagues – and a few well-known email superstars!

  • “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring.” (WarbyParker.com)
  • “Hey!” (from Barack Obama during his re-election campaign)
  • “Easy as Pie!” (Giving Tuesday email from TheHermitage.org)
  • “Thanks for Your Business!” (53% open rate, Tom Bailey’s Market)
  • “Make some waves” (43% open rate, WomenCentric.net)
  • Gaetano’s News 2016 (22.57% open rate 2 days after New Years, Gaetano’s Red Bank)

While the Subject line is the door opener, the CONTENT seals the deal. Our next post will give you great content ideas that convert clicks into cash.

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