After 20+ years starting and growing a variety of retail, professional and online services and restaurant businesses, we’ve learned a few things. Each week we’ll share some of our personal business success tips on our blog, as well as links to interesting articles on a variety of business topics, including email marketing.

Today’s post has a mix of both.

The 4 Common Mistakes Most Organizations Make

We see many smart business owners making the following costly mistakes:

  1. Trying to do everything (social media, email marketing, blogging, etc.), but hiring for the lowest cost (and so, no results)
  2. Spending their entire budget in one area (e.g. social media)
  3. Becoming highly reactive (quickly doing what someone tells them to do without evaluating all the variables, including: relevance, timing, cost, does it align with their goals, tangible benefits, possible risks, etc.)
  4. Spending their own time trying to manage everything

Whether you are a solopreneur just launching a business, or a seasoned business owner with many employees and/or locations – handling these 4 things correctly can save you a lot of wasted time and money.

We cannot stress this one thing enough – don’t skimp on talent. Talented people – with specific areas of expertise in marketing, graphic design, customer service, admin tasks, bookkeeping, and project management – bring so much more to the table. They can help you get things done correctly the first time AND help you achieve many goals sooner, thereby making your upfront investment a very sound one.


Here are two of our favorite articles about email marketing. The are both worth a read because they give you key insight on successful tactics, strategies and best practices. We hope they hep you understand how to put together winning campaigns and why email marketing works!