At JTW Media, we’re involved with a variety of projects, plans and tasks. During any given day we’re making dozens of decisions involved with customer service, email marketing, advertising, sales, programs, services, menu items, social media, staff, vendors, prospects and strategic partners.

Like many of our customers, we’re always looking for ways to be more efficient with our time.

Here are 8 productivity tips that have helped keep things humming:

  1. On a weekly basis – review your schedule and identify 3-5 of your top priorities, as well as mid-level and smaller goals. Label these tiered goal lists G1, G2, and G3
  2. Schedule and allocate tasks as needed to accomplish each set of goals, keeping your G1 goals as your main focus.
  3. Eliminate any task, phone or face-to-face meeting or networking event that won’t measurably help you attain the specific results you want.
  4. Re-prioritize as needed. Stuff happens every day, and being nimble is great. Keeping a constant focus on your big-picture agenda and tasks helps to make measurable progress happen.
  5. Set aside chunks of time for certain tasks and don’t check your emails or phone during those times.
  6. Avoid unnecessary cc’ing and bcc’ing – which helps to streamline everyone’s Inbox management time
  7. Create short agendas for phone, Skype or Conference calls. Stay on point and on schedule. Keep new business topics for the last 5 minutes.
  8. Streamline all communications. We keep team meetings short (less than 30 minutes) and phone meetings even shorter (5-15 minutes).

With advance planning, smart prioritizing and pithy communications you and your team can become much more productive too!