Here’s some of our favorite summer to-do’s, which can help you get more out of your fourth quarter:

1. Create a fun gathering! “People do business with you because they like you… and people like you more when you host fun parties. It’s nice for people to see you outside of your usual work environment. Plus it’s a great chance to introduce some of your friends and colleagues to each other.” – Tabitha Dumas

2. Volunteer. “Summer is great time to help out with a local charity, collect food for a food bank or donate your time to a cause you care about. Summer often means less volunteers are available so your help will be especially appreciated. As an Image & Influence Strategist, I’ll remind you to let people know about what you’re doing–everyone loves a giver, and your volunteering might encourage someone else to get out there and make a difference, too.” – Tabitha Dumas

3. Share your expertise. “Host a workshop, class or event. Teach something you enjoy, host a round table discussion with some of your favorite cohorts or put together a “lunch and learn” where everyone brings their lunch and you work while you eat. Be the expert, or bring in someone that you know will add value to your clients or customers.” – Tabitha Dumas

4. Go mobile! “This is your most important summer task. When you realize that two-thirds of all Americans access the Web from their smartphone — and about 40% use their phone as their preferred or only method of getting on the Web — your site better look good and work well when people view it on a mobile device. If customers can’t easily read your content and navigate your site on their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, they will absolutely go somewhere else. It’s easy to get a mobile-optimized website.” Confer with your webmaster and update to a mobile-optimized WordPress theme. – USA Today

5. Get honest feedback. One of the most important things any business owner needs to avoid is operating in a vacuum. With targeted questionnaires, you can solicit honest feedback to help you resolve service, systems or product issues and avoid future missteps. – JTW Media Group

Take a few hours to incorporate these simple summer business tasks into your agenda, to help your company have a banner fourth quarter!

About the Author…
Pattie Simone helps diverse companies transform the way they interact and engage with prospects and clients, via compelling print, digital, web, social, visual and video communications. She is delighted to be working with JTW Media on a number of projects.